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Jones Liddell Feud to be reenacted   

Nov/07/2009 - Nov/07/2009
Location: Downtown Jonesville, Louisiana

At 1:00 P.M. on Saturday November 7th living history actors will bring to life the most famous family feud of nineteenth-century Louisiana. The site of the reenactment will be in downtown Jonesville, Louisiana, 24 miles west of Natchez.

The Jones-Liddell feud is an old, old story in Catahoula Parish---an almost forgotten story in fact. However during its existence it probably engendered more bitterness and hatred---was the cause of more bloodshed---and was the object of more interest and concern---than any incident in the history of the parish.

This famous affair, which had its inception on Black River in 1852, and surviving the troublous period of the Civil War, came to a tragic climax at Harrisonburg, Louisiana on the night of February 17, 1870. It grew to such proportions in this period of duration as to bring about a considerable spirit of factionalism. From Harrisonburg to New Orleans men took up the quarrel and killed each other as a result of it.

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