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Audubon Pilgrimage  

Mar/19/2010 - Mar/21/2010
Location: St. Francisville, LA

The annual Audubon Pilgrimage celebrates a southern spring in St. Francisville, the glorious garden spot of Louisiana's English Plantation country. For four decades the sponsoring West Feliciana Historical Society, its docents resplendent in authentic 1820's costumes, has thrown open the doors of significant historic structures to commemorate the tenure there of artist-naturalist John James Audubon as he painted a number of his famous bird folios.

This year's pilgrimage will have even more to celebrate, as 2010 marks the bicentennial of the West Florida Rebellion which united the Anglo-American pioneers in ousting a corrupt Spanish regime which persisted in claiming this territory on the east side of the Mississippi River even after the Louisiana Purchase; the resultant West Florida Republic, which lasted for a heady 74 days, had its capital in St. Francisville.

A few homes included in the Audubon Pilgrimage include:

Oakley House
Built by James Pirrie on land his wife Lucy inherited from her first husband, this prospering cotton plantation allowed the owners, in 1821, to engage John J Audubon to tutor their daughter Eliza. Since 1947 Oakley has been the centerpiece of the Audubon State Historic Site.

Rosedown Plantation
Built in 1835 by Daniel Turnbull, a wealthy cotton planter, for his wife Martha Hilliard Barrow.

Barrow House
Built in 1810 it has long been associated with the family of W. W. Leake, legislator, judge and banker. In 1863 young Leake was the Confederate officer who stopped the Civil War to permit burial of a brother Mason in Union blue.

Butler Greenwood
Established in the late 1700s by one of Feliciana’s earliest pioneers, Dr. Samuel Flower, whose descendants still own and occupy it.

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