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Secret of the Ouachita   

Sep/22/2011 - Sep/22/2011
Location: Natchez Grand Village

Eric Glatzer will present his new documentary "Secret of the Ouachita" (Moundbuilders in the Ouachita River Valley) at 6:30 p.m. in the museum auditorium, 400 Jefferson Davis Boulevard

Free admission.

The secret of the Ouachita is that, the so called, “New World” is anything but new. A civilization took root in the valley between the Ouachita and Mississippi Rivers at least 12 thousand years ago and it lasted until the Europeans got to Natchez, Mississippi. Colonial Empires have killed to keep this secret. This is not the story of the North American Indians you learned in high school!

Eric Glatzer has gathered the best and brightest in North American Archaeology to tell the story of one of the longest lasting human civilizations known to have existed. Picturesque photography from the ground and air brings the story into focus.

The Mound Building Culture that flourished along the banks of the Mississippi and Ouachita Rivers achieved great things and they left behind evidence of their greatness that has weathered time and history. Phat River Studios’ production of “SECRET OF THE OUACHITA” hopes to re-kindle the legend.

Experts featured in the hour long motion picture are Dr. Joe Saunders - ULM Regional Archaeologist, Dr. Jon Gibson - Archaeologist Emeritus at ULA, Dr. Diana Greenlee - Station Archaeologist at Poverty Point, Jim Barnett –Director of Historic Properties for the MS Department of Archives & History, Dennis Lablatt - Historic Site Manager at Poverty Point, Capt. Norman Davis NOFD Ret,, Dr. Aubrey “Butch” Lee - Earth Search, Inc. Archaeologist & Senator Bill Atkins. Aerial Footage obtained in cooperation with the Concordia Airport and Capt. Carl Sayers. Hotel Accommodations provided by the Hampton Inn & Suites of Natchez.

For more information, contact Eric Glatzer at

Contact: Phat River Studios

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