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Angels on the Bluff Tour   

Nov/11/2011 - Nov/12/2011
Location: Natchez City Cemetery

As it continues to grow in popularity the Angels on the Bluff Tour is proud to present these individuals who will be portrayed by local actors in period costumes.

The Linton Family The wealthy Linton family bought the antebellum home “Clifton”, which was blown up by the Union army in 1863 to make way for the construction of Fort McPherson, but more likely as a result of a social snub.

Louis Duncan Kastor An African American who was the only man of his race to conduct such a large and successful harness business. Kastor began his business in the late 1800s on Franklin Street with $65 and by 1902 had annual sales of $22,000.

Issac Lowenburg One of Natchez’s most beloved mayors who arrived in Natchez in 1863 with the Union Army and he rose to great heights in the business and political world of Natchez.

Samuel Abraham Marx Born in Natchez in 1885 to a prosperous Jewish family who studied architecture at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and became a nationally recognized architect and furniture designer.

Rosalie Beekman Daughter of a merchant at Natchez Under-the-Hill, seven-year-old Rosalie Beekman was the sole casualty of the bombardment of Natchez by the U. S. Essex in 1862.

Andrew Brown A trained architect who emigrated from Scotland to Natchez where he established one of the most successful lumber businesses in the South.

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