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Fairfield Plantation Rendezvous  

Nov/03/2012 - Nov/04/2012
Location: 155 Sedgefield Rd

You’re invited to our Pre-1840 living history re-enactment. Come experience a Rendezvous! See how settlers, free-trappers, Indians and Europeans met, sold and traded goods, celebrated, competed and visited at a Rendezvous.

Rendezvous—prior to 1840 Free Trappers would travel the country trapping beaver and other animals for their pelts. Once a year the trappers, Indians, and settlers would meet with European buyers to sell the pelts for Beaver Hats and Coats to be made and sold in Europe. The free trappers would buy and trade for the supplies they would need for the coming year. During the Rendezvous everyone would eat, drink and compete in games.

Feel free to ask questions of the participants. We do ask that you do not enter anyone's lodge (tent) unless invited to do so.

Contact: Fairfield Rendezvous

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