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Under-The-Hill Saloon
25 Silver St
Natchez MS, 39120
PH: 601-446-8023

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A visit to Natchez is not complete without a trip "Under-the-Hill"... where Natchez began.

Under-The-Hill Saloon now provides Wireless Internet (WiFi)

The oldest settlement on the Mississippi River, and when cotton was king - the richest…

Today, huge columned mansions still exist, like tombstones, monuments to golden days that are dead and gone forever…

But there is another part of Natchez that will never die – although ravaged by men and time there is still a glowing spark of life…
That place is –


Once thieves, cutthroats, ladies-of-the-night and riverboat gamblers lurked in the shadows and trod the dusty streets. Up from the docks where the great river packets were tied they came – up Silver Street to the heart of the most notorious port on the river. Up from the river they came to the saloons and taverns seeking the pleasures these places provided – cheap whiskey, illicit love, or a winning hand at five-card stud…

Now there is one place on Silver Street that is in business for YOUR pleasure and that is –UNDER THE HILL SALOON! You won’t find cheap whiskey, but you will find the beverage of your choice…You won’t find illicit love, but you may fall in love…And there is no more gambling, but there’s always entertainment…Sometimes a rinky tink piano, or a jazz band will play…”Pretzel” the chicken is usually on hand, and there are old photos, artifacts, riverboat models and river memorabilia to interest most anyone…Or just sit and watch the river roll by...

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25 Silver St
Natchez MS, 39120
PH: 601-446-8023

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