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Where Most Wouldn't Dare     

In its day, 165 years ago, Natchez-under-the-Hill was the most notorious river landing on the entire Mississippi.

Although it was the financial pipeline to the opulent population on top of the bluff, knife fights and killings were part of everyday life at this lawless location on the river.

It was also notorious for a row of saloons built on stilts over the river, called “trap-door saloons.”

Naïve travelers who wandered into one of these saloons were often clubbed to death and robbed of their belongings; their bodies dropped into the river thru trap doors in the floor of the saloon

The Natchez-under-the-Hill Saloon is the last tame reminder of the outrageous history of this once violent and thriving river landing.

To this day, at this bar, for $60 you can buy a genuine Bowie knife. It’s a souvenir, of course, but quite a reminder of the history of this place.

It was often the case, during the 1840’s & 1850’s, if you got into trouble with the law in New Orleans, you’d take a steamboat up river to Natchez-under-the-Hill to “hide out” until it was safe to return to the Crescent City. The police never ventured to the river landing at Natchez-under-the-Hill, it was just too dangerous.

Today it’s a simple landing for the Delta Queen Steamboats, below the bluffs of the once thriving plantation community of Natchez, Mississippi. The tour of the old antebellum homes of the city of Natchez is not to be missed. The opulence of the wealthy class of the “Old South” is still on display and is a sight to behold.

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