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Last Stand of the Natchez Indians     

On November 28, 1729 after years of abuse by the French, the Natchez Indians attacked and massacred the French settlement at Fort Rosalie, (the present site of Natchez, Mississippi). Some of the fort’s inhabitants who were on hunting expeditions escaped the massacre.

Making their way to New Orleans they informed the French of the massacre and plans were put into place to send a military force to retaliate against the Natchez. Knowing a French armada was coming the Natchez abandoned their homeland to established defensive fortifications in nearby Louisiana.

About January 20, 1732 the Natchez Indians made their last stand on Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana where the French commander M. Perrier, found the Natchez entrenched. For three days his cannons maintained a nonstop bombardment of the Natchez.

On January 25th, the besieged Indians proposed terms, which were declined unless they first surrendered the "Great Sun" and the principal war chiefs. In desperation the Natchez were forced to agree to these terms. Surprised at this concession Perrier, with bad faith, demanded more.

Goaded to desperation the Natchez surrendered the "Great Sun", sixty men and two hundred women and children, on condition that their lives be spared and that Perrier withdraw his artillery. This proposition was answered by renewal of cannon fire until terminated at nightfall by a terrible storm of thunder, lightning, wind and rain. Under cover of this terrible storm, the remnant of the Natchez abandoned their position, escaping into the morasses of Louisiana.

The "Great Sun" and the chiefs that were taken prisoners were shipped to San Domingo and sold into slavery to defray the expense of the expedition. Thus bringing an end to the Natchez Nation.

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